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Opening exhibition - Over-Grow by Hanna Ilczyszyn @ Xóm Bắc Cầu - Cultural Space

To grow over means to grow beyond, to grow across, more than expected
An exhibition as a result of 4-week Art Residency in Xom Bac Cau.

I’m fascinated by nature in Vietnam. From the first day I arrived here. This kind of nature that grows no matter what, thick and bold. Layers of different plants growing on each other, living in symbiosis or in competition with each other. In and outside of the cities. Roots trying to find their way through the pavement. An abandoned motorcycle overgrown by a plant. I enjoyed seeing plant pots everywhere, with people lining them up outside their homes and shops. Sometimes I could see trees popping out of balconies that seem too small for them, defying proportions. Those vivid colours, various shapes and sizes were so majestic. I felt like in a huge botanical garden.
Unfortunately, next to this green paradise surrounding us from every corner there is something else that stroke me. Once noticed it keeps appearing. It is trash that covers paths, laying on the side of the road. Pale of garbage on my way to the Art residency waiting to be burned leaving thick smell behind.
I couldn’t help but wonder how the city, the suburbs would look like without this unnecessary addition.
Project “Over-Grow” is a reflexion on how we, humans interfere how nature grows in any urbanized (also rural) areas and at the same time how nature changes us. I believe it is an interesting subject to deepen especially in our uncertain times of pollution, deforestation, climate change.
I will present a series of paintings combined with an installation.

Friday, 20 December

4:00pm - 10:00pm

Xóm Bắc Cầu - Cultural Space | So 1, Alley 404 Bắc Cầu, Ngọc Thụy, Long Biên, Hà Nội