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Recess | Secret Playground @ Hippie Town

This Recess announcement calls all that would like to experience a new wonder, those scholars seeking no restrictions, no limits and most importantly, no inhibitions.

These reprobates are all to congregate amongst the trees, beyond the lower market yet close to the Red River. They are all to meet in what has been said to be the perfect place to take a break…

At this place… this land of opportunity you will meet the best curators for all your aural orifices and meet many like you that simply have been sent to Recess Re-Education.

Ensuring that all our participants; scholars, teachers and reprobates alike have the best Recess, we have priced our tickets accordingly:

Pre-sold : 200k
3pm - 2am : 250k
2am - 6am : 150k
6am - 12pm : 100k

Tickets available at Rolling Stoned Or PM Recess

Come play with us…


Saturday, 25 May

3:00pm - late

Hippie Town | 264 Au Co, Nhat Tan, Tay Ho, Hanoi