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[Photos] 18 Rare Black-and-White Photos of Northern Vietnam in the 1970s

What draws us towards the spectacle that is old photos?

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Cine-Concert Refreshes Vintage Vietnamese Cartoons With Soundtracks by Current Musicians

This July brings to Hanoi a unique cine-concert experience combining live music and Vietnamese animation archives. Red Balloons: Music For 20th-century Vietnamese Animation, organized by The Onion Cellar invites five Vietnamese musical acts to re-score animated films produced from the 1970s to the 2000s.

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[Photos] Rare Black-and-White Shots Reflect Hanoi Street Life in 1950

No skim milk and saltine parties here.

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The Art Book That Delves Into the History of Ancient Vietnamese Fashion

Born at the intersection of fashion and history, a new art book by a team of Vietnamese researchers and creatives will take readers on a journey back to the eras of the country’s past royalty.

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[Photos] Hanoi's Colonial Architecture in Postcards From 1916

The French aimed to remake Hanoi in Paris' image via elaborate architecture and infrastructure projects.

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[Photos] Scaling the Cliffs of Northern Vietnam

Despite its incredible potential, rock climbing in Vietnam still flies relatively under the radar.

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Hanoi Requires All Local English Teachers to Take IELTS

In an attempt to standardize the quality of local English teachers' linguistic qualifications, Hanoi's Department of Education and Training is requiring that they take IELTS tests.

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[Illustrations] This Set of Gouache Paintings Showcases Rural Life in 1890 Nam Dinh

Step into the life of a Nam Dinh resident in 1890 through this series of vintage paintings.

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